A thread lift, or thread facelift, is a less-extreme alternative to a traditional facelift, meant to achieve similar results. Thread lifts first became popular in the 1990s, but due to a recent improvement in the technology used, thread lifts are once again gaining popularity. If you are noticing subtle signs of aging but do not want to commit to a full facelift, a thread lift may be the perfect option for a younger-looking you.

Thread lifts are less invasive and even less expensive than traditional facelifts, only costing about half of the cost of a traditional facelift. Because thread lifts are so much less invasive than traditional facelifts, thread lifts carry the risk of considerably fewer side effects. Thread lifts are a quick, uncomplicated alternative to a traditional facelift, only taking an hour or two to complete. Additionally, only local anesthesia is typically used during a thread lift, so patients most often remain awake.

Thread lifts are ideal for people between their 30s and 60s that have a relatively good skin tone. A thread lift is a great procedure to reverse early signs of aging, like slight sagging of the skin on the face and even the neck.

During a thread lift procedure, tiny sutures are sewn underneath the skin, to hold the skin in place and reverse sagging. The sutures are often dissolvable and do not leave visible scars in the skin, resulting in a younger appearance that seems entirely natural and effortless.

Thread lifts are FDA-approved and can take about two or three days to fully recover. Some bruising or swelling of the face is normal after a thread lift, but afterwards, your face will be looking its best for anywhere between 18 months to a few years. If you’re looking to take preventative measures against signs of aging or you would like to reverse slight sagging of the skin, consider trying a thread facelift.




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